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As I have mentioned before, I am not exactly a light packer. Yes, I 've been getting a bit better lately, yet I still suffer from wardrobe separation anxiety and tend to bring way more than I actually need. Way to many clothes, beauty products, hair styling tools and most importantly, shoes. You see, a lot of my outfits begin with the right shoe. Usually, the right shoe depends on occasion. Sometimes, it's a cute slouchy boot kind of a day and other times, if I happen to feel particularly girly and have a fabulous party to go to, it's the sky-high heel or wedge kind of a day. Hence is my problem! Since my schedule gets a bit crazy and at times unpredictable, I tend to bring nearly everything and unfortunately for me, everything takes a lot of space. I admit, not the most rational way of doing things, but I haven't really found a solution, that is I haven't found one until now! I am sure you know what a huge Michael Kors fan I am, and can imagine my excitement when I


It's official, I finally found a pair of comfortable platform sandals! It was last Friday, and I was having one of those magical days when everything seems to go your way. As I was mentally going through my Summer must-have yet still don't have in my closet list while lazily browsing a few of my favorite online shopping places, I stumbled across these babies! Now, if you read my blog on regular basis, you know that every year when I talk about Summer must-haves, white sandals make an appearance right at the top of that list! Aside from the fact that they go with everything, something about buying a pair of white sandals signals the begging of Summer and more importantly the end of Winter, the cold and my personal favorite, the  gloom:) Of course the reason I am obsessed with this particular pair of white sandals is the platform! Personally, I think it adds a certain chic element to an otherwise very casual ( and very comfortable might I add ) style. I fully intend to wear them


Y ou can blame the nose ring on the Dylanlex necklace because something about it brings out my inner rocker chick... and suddenly, all I want to do is put on my studded leather jacket and boots, layer statement jewelry and wear septum rings :)  DYLANLEX   Falkor necklace   |  I sabel Marant  Aleen Ankle boots { in brown  here  &  here  } |  FORD + HARRIS  The Dee Dee  ring , The Vicious upper finger  ring , The Charlie slit ring & The Billy septum ring | Sarina Suriano Moonrise white pearl ring  | MY JEWEL BAR earrings   Thank you for reading & Keep On Smiling, LOVE, Annabelle


Though I will freely admit, both Emil and I could happily spend the rest of our lives traveling, most of the time, we find it quite difficult to get away for a proper vocation. After countless cancelled trips, we finally found a way to travel yet still keep up with our increasingly insane schedules. The answer was of course simple, weekend getaways! Though it may seem like 2-3 days can hardly make a difference, in our experience, being away from the madness even for a short periods of time allows for some well-needed down time! Now, I will once again admit that up until recently I wasn't great at packing for these shorts trips! Since I find it very difficult to be away from my shoes even for short periods of time, I would  almost always overpack yet end up wearing less than 1/5 of what I brought. As a result, my poor boy would get stuck lugging around huge suitcases. Suffice to say, he was not a happy camper:)  The good news is that I've learned my lesson. Now, I take my time t